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IMF Grant Spotlight

Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program

In the spirit of healthy living, exercise, and leading an impactful life, The Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program, (TKMYRP) was initiated to focus on making a positive difference with the youth of Kauai by promoting health and happiness. Through this program, local kids- like ones running gleefully in the picture above- are given an opportunity that will change the course of their lives forever: The opportunity to learn about the importance of exercise and healthy habits.

Growing up in a world where there are more kids on cell phones than playing at the park, supporting The Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program is even more important than ever. Through a $2,000 IRONMAN Foundation Community Grant, a mentorship program, where high school seniors provide guidance and a positive example to 5th graders, was born.

The mentorship program brought 5th grader, Eli, together with his new best friend: high school senior Ryan. Ryan and Eli started meeting for monthly runs throughout the year, and Ryan discussed with him each week about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. Eli looked up to Ryan as any 5th grader would, and considered him not only a running friend, but a role-model on how to focus on school, as well as the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Because of Ryan, Eli now has the foundation he needs to build a long, happy, and healthy life!

To learn more about The Kauai Marathon Youth Running Program, please visit: https://www.thekauaimarathon.com/community/youth-running-program/

IRONMAN Boulder: 261 Fearless

The Mission of 261 Fearless is to bring active women together through a global support community- allowing fearless women to pass strength gained from running and walking onto women who are facing challenges, and hence sparking a revolution of empowerment. 261 is the symbol that unites these women as empowered runners and walkers.

With their volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, 261 Fearless will be able to cover insurance and marketing expenses for their club, which will allow them to focus on new member recruitment, as well as creating a stronger community to empower women within the Longmont, CO region.

To learn more about this incredible organization, please visit: http://www.261fearless.org

IRONMAN Lake Placid: Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club

Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club
The Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club (CVARC) is committed to promoting Amateur Radio Service and Providing Public and Emergency Service Communications to the Community, including 16 hospitals and 10 EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers). Additionally, the CVARC holds classes for those that are interested in getting their FCC amateur radio licenses, and have passed over 120 new hams since 2009.

With their volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, CVARC will be able to maintain and update their equipment, as well as support classes for those interested in obtaining their license. At IRONMAN Lake Placid alone, local hams logged over 430 volunteer training hours.

To learn more about the Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club, visit http://www.cvarc.us/

IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene: The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

The Coeur d’Alene Kroc Center is one of 27 Salvation Army Kroc Centers nationwide and is a staple facility to the residents of Northern Idaho. By providing life-enhancing activities such as recreational and competitive aquatics, wellness coaching, climbing, theater, and dance, The Kroc center programming is second to none.

One essential program provided by The Kroc Center is the Third Grade Learn to Swim Program. Idaho has the second highest childhood drowning rate in the nation according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In an attempt reduce the number of childhood drownings, The Kroc Center’s Third Grade Learn to Swim Program has provided swim lessons to 4,357 students at a reduced price due to support by The IRONMAN Foundation. In 2016 The Kroc Center Third Grade Learn to Swim Program has a goal of reaching 1,300 third grade students in Kootenai County. Regardless of race, religion, family situation, or economic status, The Salvation Army Kroc Center will continue to work to meet the needs of North Idaho residents through this program.

For more information about The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Corps Center, please visit: http://http://www.kroccda.org/

Kroc Center

Iron Girl Syracuse: Catholic Charities of Onondaga County- Refugee Youth Outreach Program

Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse is dedicated to caring for those in need while promoting human development, collaboration, and the elimination of poverty and injustice. Striving to empower those served to transform their lives in the spirit of God’s love and compassion, Catholic Charities of Onondaga County helps people in need regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, or nationality.

The Refugee Youth Outreach Program works with newly resettled refugee children, guides them through school and offers recreational activities. With the grant provided by the IRONMAN Foundation, the children served were able to get school supplies and participate in recreational activities while being acclimated to American culture and the city of Syracuse.

Committed to creating hope and transforming lives, the Refugee Youth Outreach Program is making an impact in the lives of nearly 50 children every year.

To learn more about Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, please visit: http://www.ccoc.us/services/refugee-services/refugee-youth-outreach-program
Catholic Charities

IRONMAN Boulder: Douglas County Young Marines

The Douglas County Young Marines have a long tradition of inspiring youth, ages 8 through the completion of high school, with core values of leadership, teamwork, and discipline. Recently recognized as national unit of the year, The Douglas County Young Marines seek to strengthen the lives of youth through community service, serving veterans and a healthy drug-free lifestyle.Last year, with the support of the IRONMAN Foundation, 25 Young Marines were able to attend a trip to Oahu, HI to experience the history of Pearl Harbor and the impact it had on our nation. Participating in the march in the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Parade, spend the night on the USS Missouri, and dedicating a monument at the Punchbowl Cemetery were a few of the highlights that these Young Marines experienced.

For more information about The Douglas County Young Marines, please visit: http://www.dcyoungmarines.com/

Douglas County Young Marines

IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside: Standup for the Cure

Standup for the Cure’s mission is to raise money and awareness for early breast cancer detection, research, treatment, and education through the active, healthy lifestyle of Standup Paddling nationwide. Founded in 2011, more than $820,000 has been raised for early breast cancer awareness, research, treatment, education, and has helped hundreds of underprivileged or uninsured women obtain life-saving treatment for their disease.

Standup for the Cure utilized their volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation to cover the costs of mammograms for unisured women in the Oceanside, CA community.

To learn more information about how you can help, please visit:  www.suftc.org

Standup for the Cure

IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse: Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association

For more than 35 years the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association (WRHA) in Madison County has been serving the residence and pets of Central New York. As the sole open admission dog and cat shelter in the county, WRHA strives to provide a quality alternative to a life of abuse, neglect or abandonment for all dogs and cats.In 2015 with the support of an IRONMAN Foundation grant, WRHA was able to take in 712 strays, 240 owner surrenders and assist with 9 abuse and neglect cases. Behind the dedicated and diligent effort of WRHA, 164 strays were reunited with their families, 545 were adopted, 31 healthy but unadoptable animals were transferred to partner rescue organizations and approximately 150 cats and dogs were placed in foster homes transitioning into adoptive homes.

WRHA is committed to educating the community, starting with teaching children responsible pet ownership and handling. Partnering with a variety of organizations such as mental health programs, community based clubs, senior living communities, kindergarten through college level students, as well as domestic violence programs, WRHA strives to build on the already positive atmosphere of Madison County.

To learn more about Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association, please visit: http://wanderersrest.org/

Wanderers' Rest Humane Association

IRONMAN Texas: Project: Love One

The mission of Project: Love One is to raise awareness and funds to promote the cause of the orphan and those in distress. Located in The Woodlands, TX, Project: Love One helps families in need through their adoption journey. With their 2015 Volunteerism Grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, Project: Love One helped a family adopt their daughter from an orphanage in Myan, Haiti. With a profound belief that adoption is beautiful, Project: Love One is continuously looking to help families that have chosen to foster and adopt children.

For more information about Project: Love One, please visit: http://projectloveone.publishpath.com/


IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria: Sole Sisters Victoria

Sole Sisters Victoria is the largest women-only walk/run group in Canada. Founded in 2008 with only 70 participants, Sole Sisters has grown to over 400 participating women on an annual basis. Their mantra is to “never leave a sister alone!” with a committment to ensure that everyone has a “home” in the Sisterhood.

Sole Sisters has utilized grant funding from the IRONMAN Foundation to support their Women of Wellness (WOW), which helps to support women to realize their fitness goals regardless of financial pressures. Sole Sisters Victoria has also used funding towards their Quarters for Cubs program, where they encourage every leader and participant to donate a quarter for every walk or run that they take that will support children living with life-threatening illnesses.  To date through their Quarters for Cubs program, they have supported 15 local children and have raised over $22,000 in quarters!

To learn more about these incredible women, please like them on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SoleSistersWomensWalkRunClinicVictoriaBC

Sole Sisters

IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder: Shepherd Valley Waldorf School

The Shepherd Valley Waldorf School educates children for the whole of life so that they become confident individuals, capable of making free choices, able to realize their full potential, and inspired to make a difference in the world. The school cultivates a welcoming, inclusive community which supports the growth and development of students, parents, and teachers- as well as recognizes and honors their talents.The Shepherd Valley Waldorf School utilized their volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation to register their 6-8th graders for a full seven-week cross country season, where they participated in eight meets, including the Colorado Middle School XC Championships.

Being an independent school, their programs are fueled by fundraising, and by being able to offer cross country programs, the Shepherd Valley Waldorf School was able to create an exciting environment for those who wished to participate, as well as for the school community who enjoy cheering on their athletes.

For more information about the Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, please visit:  http://www.shepherdvalley.org

Waldorf School

IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman: Habitat for Humanity Choptank

Since 1992, Habitat for Humanity Choptank has empowered 68 families to build a better future for themselves through home ownership. Each home that Habitat Choptank builds or renovates is the result of a community effort including volunteers, donors and funders, government partners, faith and civic organizations, youth groups, and the hardworking home buyers.

With a volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, Habitat Choptank was able to fund renovation costs for a single family home on Oakley Street in Cambridge, Maryland. Habitat Choptank purchased the foreclosed and vacant property with plans to rehab the home and sell it to a low-income qualifying buyer. As a part of Habitat’s home ownership program, each qualified buyer must complete 300-400 hours of sweat equity (depending on family size), save $4,500 for costs at settlement, eliminate any outstanding collectible debt, and attend education classes on budgeting and home maintenance. The Oakley Street home was purchased by Cambridge resident and first time home buyer Sha`Quinda ‘Pumpkin’ Demby who is employed as a bus driver.

Pumpkin brought a strong sense of personal determination to her partnership with Habitat Choptank. From the first day that she arrived up the construction site to start her sweat equity, she said that she wanted to ‘learn how to do everything.’ While it took her three attempts to meet income and debt standards and qualify with Habitat, once approved she progressed through Habitat Choptank’s pre-home ownership program at a record pace. She provisionally qualified for financing in April 2015 and went on to complete program requirements by November 2015, a process that usually takes 1-2 years. Ultimately, Pumpkin had set a personal goal of buying a home before age 30. She achieved this goal at age 29.

To learn more about Habitat Choptank, please visit: www.habitatchoptank.org

Habitat for Humanity Pumpkin

IRONMAN 70.3 St. George: The DOVE Center

The DOVE Center’s Mission is to build a community of peace- one person, one family, and one home at a time. They strive to do this by providing confidential shelter, advocacy, and counseling to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The DOVE Center also works to increase safety in the St. George community by building collaborative partnerships and providing awareness and prevention education.

The DOVE Center has utilized community grant funding from the IRONMAN Foundation to support their Personal Safety courses, which are rich with psychoeducational material that teaches individuals about personal safety, healthy boundaries, relationship attachment process, and trauma recovery. In 2015, they served over 50 individuals with this education, several of which were sexual assault survivors seeking to gain empowerment and self-protection confidence and skills.

To learn more about the DOVE Center’s tremendous initiatives, please visit: www.dovecenter.org

DOVE Center

IRONMAN Chattanooga: Chattanooga Rowing Club

Chattanooga Rowing
Since 1989, Chattanooga Rowing has provided area high school students, regardless of school affiliation or income level, the opportunity to discover the sport of rowing. The goal of Chattanooga Rowing is to challenge high school youth to become passionate life-long athletes, leaders, and achievers. Athletes are encouraged to develop strong leadership skills, build self-confidence, and develop lasting friendships through competitive training, dedication, peer-reliance, and hard work. Coaches and teammates give rowers the support they need to excel on the water, in the classroom, and in every aspect of their lives.Chattanooga Rowing used their 2015 Volunteerism Grant from the IRONMAN Foundation to purchase new equipment (including, but not limited to new boats, oars, ergometers, first aid supplies), which provided the opportunity for athletes to travel to more competitions, as well as provided scholarships to those who cannot afford to row.To learn more about Chattanooga Rowing, check out: http://www.rowcjr.org/

Super Seal Triathlon: Boys & Girls Club of Vista

Boys Girls Club of Vista1 The Boys & Girls Club of Vista, which is located in northern San Diego County, meets the needs of 2087 kids a year, many from families that are of lower/moderate income households that rely exclusively on the broad range of services the Club provides. Since 1963, their mission has been to inspire and enable all kids, ages 6-18, especially those whose situations require the most support, to reach their full potential as responsible and productive citizens. The kids that attend the Club have a chance to break this cycle of poverty and can become a new empowered generation of successful and productive adults.

The Boys & Girls Club of Vista will be using their 2016 volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation to make their baseball field ready to go for children ages 5-18!

For more information about the Boys & Girls Club of Vista, visit: http://www.bgcvista.org/

IRONMAN Boulder: National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Family The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation provides unwavering support to those who have been affected by pancreatic cancer through four core programs: direct financial assistance, patient advocacy, early detection research, and educational awareness.

With their volunteerism grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation was able to assist two additional families afflicted by pancreatic cancer by paying for their groceries and utility bills for one month. NPCF strives to help those suffering from pancreatic cancer while they are still with us, by helping to pay their necessary living costs so that patients can focus on their fight.

For more information about the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, visit: http://www.npcf.us

IRONMAN Texas: Let Them Drum

Let Them DrumLet Them Drum is a nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life within The Woodlands, TX and surrounding communities through holistic and artistic percussion experiences. Their recreational drum therapy treatments and entertainment group caters to those with special needs, as well as assisted living communities.

Let Them Drum utilized their 2015 volunteerism grant to procure equipment for their trash can group to perform all over town, allowing their members with and without disabilities to drum together and make friendships in a new and exciting way. If you’re doing IRONMAN Texas this year, be on the lookout for this talented group of young performers while you’re out on the course!

To learn more about Let Them Drum, please visit: http://www.letthemdrum.org

IRONMAN Canada: Whistler Children’s Centre

Whistler Children's CentreThe Whistler Children’s Centre believes that every child has a special style and personality which makes them a unique individual. Their approach to children focuses on respecting and nurturing the uniqueness of each child and helping them to reach their potential- physical, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Whistler Children’s Centre utilized their volunteerism grant to provide much-needed classroom supplies to their four classrooms, ranging in ages from 3 months to 6 year-olds.

For more information about the Whistler Children’s Centre, visit: http://www.whistlerchildren.com

IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse: Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation, Inc.

Tioughnioga Lake Preservation FoundationThe mission of the Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation, Inc. it to preserve, protect, and enhance the environmental integrity of the Tioughnioga Lake (DeRuyter Lake) and its watershed.

The Tioughnioga Lake Preservation Foundation utilized their 2015 Volunteerism grant to support their mission of keeping their lake environmentally sound, underwriting the cost of a watershed management study. They also encourage their neighbors on the lake to set their own pace to “follow the IRONMAN example. Stay in shape. Work out. We swim and waterski and sail, and enjoy the water, as do our kids and grandchildren,” and therefore they’re appreciative of the efforts of IRONMAN Foundation athletes that allows them to keep their waters clean for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the Tioughnioga Lake Presevation Community, please visit: http://www.foundationatderuyterlake.org

IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh: Grab My Wheel

Grab My WheelGrab My Wheel is a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit organization in Cary, NC that strives to provide physical, emotional, and financial support to people with cancer and the institutions dedicated to finding a cure to this terrible disease. They believe that in the battle with cancer, no one fights or rides alone.

Their 2015 Volunteerism grant was used to fund their signature event, le Tour de Femme, which is a women’s-only cycling event that has a dual mission: raising money for two organizations to support cancer navigation services, as well as empower women through the sport of cycling.

To learn more about Grab My Wheel, visit: http://www.grabmywheel.org.

IRONMAN Boulder: Paradox Sports

Paradox Sports_IceParadox Sports improves peoples’ lives by creating physical adaptive sport communities built to inspire.

In 2015, Paradox Sports received a $10,000 community grant that supported several annual programs, such as rock climbing in Kentucky, ice climbing in Colorado, mountaineering in Washington, and local climbing days in Eldorado Canyon. Each of these programs gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to push themselves mentally and physically in the mountains, and also be a part of a supportive community of like-minded idnividuals committed to changing society’s perception of what it means to live with a disability.

To learn more about Paradox Sports, please visit: http://www.paradoxsports.org

IRONMAN Florida: Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation

Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation Water FountainThe City of Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation Department strives to give the public a diverse recreational experience, hosting a variety of events throughout the year and supporting a broad range of valuable conservation and leisure programs.In 2015, the IRONMAN Foundation awarded the Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation Department with a $6,200 Community Grant that was in part utilized to install a new handicap-accessible water foundation and bottle filling station for their Miracle League Field, which benefits youth and adults with disabilities that play America’s pastime.

Click HERE for more information about IMF Grant Recipient- Panama City Beach Parks & Recreation


Coeur d'Alene High School Cross CountryThe Coeur d’Alene High School Cross Country team is the largest Cross Country team in North Idaho, and has quite the winning legacy. Their primary goal, however, is to nurture and develop students’ love of running that will last a lifetime.

In 2015, the Coeur d’Alene High School Cross Country team received an IRONMAN Foundation Volunteerism Grant which was used to make “Competitor of the Week” bags, which are awards given to four athletes who displayed the competitive spirit on the race course that resulted in an improvement of strategy, time, or helping team mates.

Click HERE for more information about IMF Grant Recipient- Coeur d’Alene High School Cross Country.


Truckee High School Swim TeamThe Truckee High School (Truckee, CA) swim team is an outstanding group of hardworking, dedicated, and service-minded young athletes committed to perform their very best.

In 2015, the Truckee High School Swim Team received a Volunteerism Grant from the IRONMAN Foundation, which was used to help fund a new swim team Record Board to hang in their school gym, which they’ve never had before. This Record Board allowed team members to feel extraordinary pride in their accomplishments and share them with others within their school. In addition to the record board, they were also able to purchase swim suits and team jackets for their students who needed financial assistance.

Click HERE for more information about IMF Grant Recipient – Truckee High School Swim Team