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Volunteerism Grants-in-Action: Your Story

IM Canada Finish Volunteer
volunteers are the heart and soul of ironman.  

in 2018, the ironman foundation will award over $1.7 million in grant funding to over 1,400 organizations with a volunteerism component within our north american race communities.

we want to share your love for what you do to build awareness to your cause to our imf athletes and supporters.

by supplying a story of your volunteerism grant-in-action, we will highlight your organization throughout the season- either through a facebook post, an e-blast, on our website, or on-site at events.

our volunteerism grant program exists thanks to the generosity of our ironman foundation athletes, and by sharing your story, we can ensure they know the impact they’re making, and thank them for their support.

thank you for all of the tremendous work that you do to serve your community, as well as our athletes.  your relentless energy and passion for service is astounding, and allows us to leave a lasting legacy that lives on long after each athlete crosses the finish line.

you are the true ironman.

IRONMAN Volunteerism Grants-in-Action: Your Story

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