The IRONMAN Foundation Ambassadors are a group of triathletes who continually strive for positive change in IRONMAN race communities through service projects, fundraising initiatives, and athletic goodwill. These athletes exemplify the IRONMAN Foundation mission of service through sport and commitment to community. This group supports The IRONMAN Foundation's mission and staff by serving as a point of contact to current and potential IRONMAN Foundation Athletes. In return, ambassadors recieve special team benefits and goodwill knowing they leave their IRONMAN legacy behind long after race day!

Meet Our
2023 TEAM IMF Age Group


Sergio Bustamante

I started in March of 2022 after finishing the Austin half-marathon. I was planning on running the Chicago marathon but did not get the lottery. While I was considering what race to do, one of my mentors challenged me to do an Ironman 70.3. I found an amazing coach in Austin and got started in this awesome sport.

Erin Byrge

North Carolina
At age 10, my son was learning to love to run and wanted to participate in a 5k. I did not think that I should put my 10-year old into a 5k by himself, so we signed up together. Even though I was not in the greatest shape, I put the Couch to 5k app on my phone and started training. My first 5k was April 10, 2011, I was slow, but I "could" run. That year I did a few more 5k’s “with” my son (he beat me every time.) I was slowly becoming a runner. I was also taking a spinning class that was taught by an instructor that had done a local tri. She knew that I was doing 5k’s and told me I should do triathlons. The seed was planted. In 2012, as I set yet another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, I added that I would complete a local triathlon that year. So, I did… I completed 7 that year: 1 indoor, 5 sprints, and an Olympic distance.

Peter Crescenti

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Woody Freese

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Bryan Harris

Started with a Sprint distance in 2011. Found the sport is a great outlet for my competitive nature.

Justin Herman

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Michael Kane

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Thomas Kotterer

North Carolina
The Ironman Foundation provided an opportunity for me to race in my first event in Augusta, GA in 2021, and have been a team member ever since.

Arthur Leiz

New York
I have always been a runner and after running the NYC marathon in 2017 i was looking for a new challenge. I heard about this guy at work who was raced in Kona as part of TEAM IMF. After talking to him, I decided I was going to do give it a shot. Within a week of the marathon I was in the pool swimming and the rest is history.

Jason Massie

Around 1995 a friend encouraged me to do a sprint tri with him in an Arkansas State Park. I was already a runner who had done several marathons, so I trained a little in a small apartment pool and had a 1984 Bianchi road bike from college. During the event, I nearly died after learning how far I would have to swim. But I managed to finish. I enjoyed the bike but went very slow with my shoe cages and shifting on the down tube. When I got to the run, I felt like a King and passed many of my friends on the way to the finish line. At that point, I vowed not to do another until I learned to swim better. So my next venture into tri training wasn't until around 2002. The rest is history!

Angela Paternostro-Pfister

New Jersey
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Christine Valdes

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Tyler Vance

While I was still in the Marine Corps back in 2004, my next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to do a local triathlon, to which I responded "absolutely not". He then explained that it was a "sprint" triathlon and not a full IRONMAN. At that point, I was a little more interested! So I borrowed a bike from a fellow Marine and I raced my first triathlon. At that point I was hooked and began competing in sprint and Olympic distance races. After I left the Marines, triathlon is what kept me in shape and kept me motivated to exercise. Finally in 2019, I decided I wanted to do a 70.3 and signed up for 70.3 Waco. In 2020 I completed my first full IRONMAN (Florida) after having trained throughout the covid lockdowns. I have since completed 6 full IRONMAN race and several more 70.3's.

Craig VanEss

I started competing in triathlons 30 years ago. I was leading a sedentary life and was very unhealthy. I started running a bit at that time, and my brother, who had been competing in triathlons for a few years, suggested that I tri a tri. When I mentioned to my then girlfriend that I was considering it, she laughed at me as if there was no way I could do it. That was all the motivation I needed. I competed in my first tri that year, and when I crossed the finish line I was hooked.

Steve Wilson

New York
I was 250 pounds in 2006 and heading down a very unhealthy path. My cousin convinced me to sign up for the 2007 IRONMAN Lake Placid. He said he would help me cross in 16 hours. I lost 46 pounds during the year and completed the race in 15:56.

Elizabeth Wood

I was an avid runner and cyclist, having completed a couple of marathons and 100 mile rides. I decided to “put it all together“ with a women’s only sprint triathlon in 2009, and I never looked back! Now I'm a 5x IRONMAN and 8x IM 70.3 finisher

The determination of an IRONMAN Athlete, along with the passion to rise above the masses, creates REAL change in IRONMAN communities. These are not your regular athletes. They are on a mission to change the world: one community, one organization, and one service project at a time. 

IRONMAN Foundation Ambassadors is a group of volunteer triathletes who continually strive for positive change in IRONMAN race communities through service projects, fundraising initiatives, and athletic goodwill. This group supports The IRONMAN Foundations mission and staff by serving as a point of contact to current and potential IRONMAN Foundation Athletes. The IRONMAN Foundation asks Ambassadors to be present at races, assist with TEAM IMF athlete support, and recruit others to serve The IRONMAN Foundation mission. 

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Anyone who has raced on TEAM IMF in the past is encouraged to apply and join our Ambassador Team. There is no requirement that an athlete must be fast or podium in races. 

  • Ambassadors that raise their fundraising commitment will receive a complimentary, non-transferable North America 2023 IRONMAN race entry (World Championships excluded) to EITHER ONE full IRONMAN event or TWO IRONMAN 70.3 events (one IRONMAN 70.3 race of your choice from our TEAM IMF list and a second race can be selected from the following 70.3 Texas, 70.3 Gulf Coast, 70.3 Boulder, 70.3 Des Moines, 70.3 Ohio, 70.3 Atlantic City, or 70.3 Muncie
    • *All complimentary races must be used in the 2023 calendar year
  • Special ambassador pricing on additional races
  • Complimentary TEAM IMF race kit, tech shirt, trucker hat and running hat or visor
  • Special IMF Ambassador branded apparel
  • Race day VIP passes, when available
  • Low bib number and race day bike racking with TEAM IMF athletes
  • Access to Team Sponsored discounts and gear (when available) 
  • Access to online team shared folder with schedules, information, and messaging
  • Access to online team community forum and in person events to meet and greet with other team members
  • Featured posts on The IRONMAN Foundation website and social channels
  • Exclusive access and social gatherings at IRONMAN events with IMF service projects
  • Recruit two (2) Team IMF athletes in the 2023/2024 season and receive one (1) additional comp entry for a North America 2023/2024 IRONMAN owned 70.3 race entry race.
  • Serve as a brand ambassador of The IRONMAN Foundation and share the story, mission, and goodwill of The IRONMAN Foundation.
  • As a representative of The IRONMAN Foundation, strictly adhere to the Ambassador Code of Conduct.
  • Commit to raise $2,500 to support The IRONMAN Foundation Community Fund by 12/15/2023. Half of the goal must be raised prior to racing in your complimentary ambassador race.
  • Serve as a Team IMF Mentor for at least one race in the 2023 season (which can be done in conjunction with a race where you are participating but is not required). This will primarily include serving as a point of contact for TEAM IMF athletes and during race weekend, sharing race and fundraising information, assisting in facilitating activities including but not limited to webinars and virtual team training days.
  • Commit to participating in at least one (1) 2023 North America IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 race to support Team IMF and facilitate a team meet up and/or athlete briefing with the Race Director.
  • Participate in IMF activation at races when applicable including volunteering at IMF expo booth and/or service project.
  • Race in custom Team IMF kit throughout the 2023 season at IRONMAN Races.
    • Follow the Ambassador Social Media Guide
    • Post about The IRONMAN Foundation twice per month
    • Share/retweet/repost IMF social media content
    • Be active in the Team IMF and IMF Ambassador closed Facebook groups and Webinars

2023 IRONMAN Foundation Service Project Schedule*

  • February 25: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Las Vegas || Military Care Packages 

  • March 18: United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series DC || Race For Change Run Team & Race For Change Swim Clinic 

  • April 1: Athletic Brewing IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside || Race For Change Relay Teams &  CAF Adaptive Surf Clinic 

  • May 13: Visit Panama City Beach IRONMAN 70.3 Gulf Coast || Operation Gold Star Race & Military Care Packages 

  • May 21: IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga || Race For Change Bike Build & Race For Change Relay Teams

  • July 30: IRONMAN 70.3 Maine || Operation Gold Star Race & Military Care Packages
  • August 27 & 28: VinFast IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Finland || Service Project TBD 

  • September 10: VinFast IRONMAN World Championship (Men) || Service Project TBD 

  • September 24: IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta || Race For Change Swim Clinic 

  • October 8: Publix Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series Clearwater || Military Care Packages

  • October 14:VinFast IRONMAN World Championship (Women) || Race For Change Swim Clinic  

  • October TBD: IRONMAN 70.3 Waco || Operation Gold Star Race & Military Care Packages 

* Service project dates and locations are subject to change. 

Sorry, application for the 2023 season are now closed. Please check back near the end of the year for your opportunity to apply for the 2024 season. 

The IRONMAN Foundation’s Community Fund directly benefits the race communities where events are held by providing charitable support to a variety of local nonprofit organizations. Since inception, The IRONMAN Foundation has provided more than $55 million in charitable givebacks including $1.6 million in 2022. 

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The IRONMAN Foundation provides an inspiring athlete experience while bolstering community giveback. TEAM IMF is a network of IRONMAN Athletes dedicated to creating positive, tangible change in race communities and leaving their IRONMAN legacy behind long after race day.

TEAM IMF athletes Race For More by raising funds for The IRONMAN Foundation Community Fund. In return, they receive special goods and services, including a complimentary IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon entry, TEAM IMF race kit, invitations to exclusive in-person and virtual events, access to a network of other IRONMAN Foundation Athletes, and more.

In 2022, more than 400 athletes across 47 events raced in support of TEAM IMF. It is an inclusive and diverse team comprised of every type of athlete from first timers to IRONMAN Legacy athletes. 

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