Each year on the Island of Hawai`i, the local community gives of themselves to create the success of the IRONMAN World Championship. As the Kona community perpetuates aloha worldwide, they give of themselves, graciously, generously from their heart to help unknown individuals from around the world fulfill a dream. The people of Hawai`i teach us "Kahiau" - to give generously or lavishly with the heart and not with expectation of return.

As COVID-19 impacts our world we are reminded of the importance of our `Ohana. The sudden change of life has awakened us to pause, reflect and be grateful.  The rugged beauty, grace and aloha inspires the world providing strength, courage and the ability to overcome any challenge.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, great economic uncertainty and the ever-increasing rates of unemployment, homelessness and food insecurity, the IRONMAN Foundation has pledged $1 million to provide hunger relief on the Island of Hawai`i through the Kahiau Together initiative.

The Kahiau Together initiative has three programs to serve the Island of Hawai`i:

  1. Mākaukau (Ready) Meals
  2. ʻOhana Grocery Bundles
  3. Grants to Local Nonprofits Providing Hunger Relief

Mākaukau (Ready) Meals will nourish the most isolated and vulnerable keiki (youth) and kupuna (elderly) in the community. Ready-made meals are ideal for those who do not have the means to prepare or store food. The meals are served at our Kahiau Together Aid Station drive-through events. 

ʻOhana Grocery Bundles will serve families, from infant to kupuna, of the increasing furloughed employees reliant on tourism. Bundles of perishable and non-perishable food are ideal for individuals/families that have the means to prepare meals. The bundles are distributed at our Kahiau Together Aid Station drive-through events. 


Please contact Mahea Akau with your Kahiau Together questions at mahea.akau@ironman.com 

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