IMF Behind The Scenes: IMCHOO

The city of Chattanooga is a great host to our athletes as they tackle the 140.6 (+4) at IM CHOO. The swim is fast, the run is hilly, and the volunteers/spectators are some of the best on the circuit. The IRONMAN Foundation had an amazing week supporting 300 of our Foundation Athletes as they chased their IRONMAN dreams.

We had 3 types of Foundation Athletes at IRONMAN Chattanooga:

  1. Community Fund Entry – Athletes purchased this entry at registration and a portion of their entry was donation made directly to The IRONMAN Foundation.
  2. TEAM IMF Teammates – Athletes who committed to fundraise for The IRONMAN Foundation and, in return, received guaranteed race entry into IRONMAN Chattanooga.
  3. IMF/Newton Running Ambassadors – Athletes who champion service through sport and do it all in Newton Running Shoes.

Together, we provided OVER $80,000 in grant funding back into charitable organizations within the community that supports IMCHOO. This is part of an over $155,000 TOTAL giveback since 2014!

Check out exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of our staff and athletes throughout race week – Hope you can join us in 2016!


Race day views on the run course at IMCHOO.


Chattanooga was lucky enough to host over 300 IRONMAN Foundation Athletes last week, with many of those being a part of our IRONMAN Foundation-Newton Running Ambassador Triathlon Team, and our TEAM IMF Fundraising Team. The great thing about these guys is not only do they dedicate hours & hours each week to IRONMAN Training, but they have a passion for giving back to their race communities through service and fundraising. Thursday morning, we had about 30 IRONMAN Foundation Athletes dedicate their morning to perform a service project at The Chattanooga Area Food Bank, which feeds over 50,000 families each week. Not only did they come out and lend a hand for a few hours…they raised over $26,000 to donate to the Food Bank as well!


IRONMAN Foundation Athletes presenting The Chattanooga Area Food Bank with a $26,845 donation! $1 feeds 4 people, so if we do the math correctly…we’re helping to feed over 100,000 individuals with this donation.

Service Project 5

Foundation Athletes preparing fruit for a Elementary School Food Demonstration the next day. The Food Bank loves educating kids on how healthy eating can also be fun.

Service Project 7

Foundation Athletes preparing emergency food boxes for needy families in the Chattanooga Area.

Service Project 2

The Chattanooga Food Bank is having their yearly audit next week…which means they put our athletes to work cleaning up their huge food storage facility!


Rain seems to follow the IMF Staff wherever we go…we had a few wet & soggy days out at IRONMAN Village in Chattanooga. But, that didn’t stop us from having a blast out there getting to know Foundation Athletes & our awesome volunteers. Friday was a big day for The IRONMAN Foundation- our TEAM IMF Athletes got together for a pre-race luncheon to celebrate their fundraising success and learn some tips & tricks for race day. Luckily, the rain let up for the Athlete Welcome Ceremony on Friday evening where we presented a $10,000 to SPARC, a chapter of DSUSA, which they will use to purchase equipment to allow their athletes to race in handcycling & wheelchair racing competitions. The IRONMAN Foundation also presented a check to the Chattanooga Mayor for $45,000 that will be distributed to non-profit initiatives in Chattanooga.


IMF Staff members Whitney & Julianne doing all they can to stay dry at Expo. It was a rainy week out there!

TEAM IMF Luncheon Group

Our amazing TEAM IMF Athletes fundraised almost $90.000 in support of our IRONMAN race communities. It was so great to meet them at the TEAM IMF Luncheon.


You couldn’t miss the IRONMAN Foundation flag at the Athlete Welcome Ceremony on Friday Evening.


The IRONMAN Foundation provided over $55,000 to support non-profit initiatives & charitable organizations within the IRONMAN Chattanooga race community.


The IRONMAN Foundation was thrilled to provide a $10,000 grant to SPARC, an amazing organization that allows athletes with disabilities to compete in wheelchair racing and handcycling.


One of The IRONMAN Foundation’s “Pass-It-Forward” Initiatives was having athletes write Thank You notes to IRONMAN Volunteers that were then passed out on race day. This was such a great way for the athletes to show appreciation for our IRONMAN Volunteers that are out there all day supporting the athletes. Without their incredible support, race day would not happen!


Passing out Volunteer Thank You Cards on the run course.


Bike Check-Out Volunteers Loved the Thank You Cards.


Info Booth Volunteers posing for a great picture with the Thank You Cards they received.


The women’s change tent volunteer captain was happy to receive the sweet notes of appreciation after a long day.



Our IRONMAN Foundation Athletes are ready to rock & roll on race day morning!


Now that is A LOT of IRONMAN gear.


TEAM IMF Cole Giovannetti is excited to see IMF Staff after exiting the swim.


TEAM IMF Athlete Kristi Owen looking great after a fast swim.


TEAM IMF Athlete Scott Schiavonne is ready to take on the hilly 116 mile bike course.


All of our Foundation Athletes looked AMAZING in their custom (spandex) Tri Kits!



TEAM IMF Athlete Marsha Goldberg having a blast on the run course in Chattanooga.


IMF/NR Ambassador Tri Team Athlete Jonathan Tay is still feeling great on the marathon portion of IRONMAN Chattanooga.


TEAM IMF Athlete Cole Giovannetti needed a high-five energy boost.


IMF/NR Ambassador Athlete Jason Massie is PUMPED! He’s about to become an IRONMAN!


TEAM IMF Athlete David Jones had the special honor of getting “medalled” by his wife…what a treat!


No IRONMAN is complete with a proposal…even better, it was a TEAM IMF Proposal!


Fundraising Manager Whitney Tizzano was able to medal one of her TEAM IMF Athletes after he became an IRONMAN.

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